The Next Generation of Mixers

Welcome to Summers Equipment Inc.

Summers Equipment Inc. manufactures innovative equipment used for material processing.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of equipment reliability and effective customer service in the industry. With our in-house design team, we offer both standard and custom-built equipment, designed to increase both the manufacturing efficiency and quality of our customers’ products.

Our knowledgeable in-house design and fabrication team have over 15 years of experience manufacturing custom equipment for processing urethanes.

Summers Equipment Inc. has developed a new revolutionary machine, the Dual Drive Planetary Mixer. This design allows the operator to control the mixing bucket speed and arm rotational speed independently of each other. This unique design allows for mixing of a wider range of different materials and viscosities including, but not limited to, highly filled materials, Nano fiber-based composites, urethanes and foamed urethanes.